About the Owner

My name is Alex and I am the company owner of Coast and Cider. I was born and bred on the Norfolk/Suffolk borders, living in Bungay and going to school in Southwold and Woodbridge. I have an energetic, positive outlook and the things I value most in life are my family and friends. My hobbies include birdwatching, hot yoga, cycling, snowboarding and guinea-pig owning. I adore the East Anglian countryside, the beaches and the wildlife reserves, particularly Titchwell, Southwold and Aldeburgh to name a few. My friends and family would describe me in three words as: Loyal, Fun and Caring.


Age 17 and with a few A-Levels in hand, I embarked on a career in medicine at the University of Liverpool. 13 years on, having completed my Foundation and Basic Surgical Training, I am now a middle-grade surgical doctor. However, I steadily became disillusioned with medicine and resigned from my Orthopaedic training in the East Anglian Deanery. I wanted more from life and my career than a position as an Orthopaedic Consultant could give, and in particular, I wanted to own something of my own. 

The corporate world had always fascinated me but, being a doctor, I had very limited knowledge in that area. I already had the idea for a business from one Christmas several years ago where I trialed a filled gift box as a present for some of my friends and family and they were very positively received. In September 2016 I decided to follow this interest and started a Masters at the University of Liverpool in Management and Entrepreneurship. This was eye-opening and I learnt a great deal about small businesses, their importance in the national economy and, most of all, I realised this was what I had been looking for to develop my career. I want to own my own business. Something I can be proud of and something I can say I created from the very beginning. Something that gives something back to the world and makes a contribution to society. 

Hence, Coast and Cider was born.