There are three main principles behind Coast and Cider which form the backbone of the company's values and ethos:

Made in Britain

Here at Coast and Cider, our over-riding principal is to support businesses in the U.K., particularly independent companies. We are proud of our nation and want to ensure we are doing as much as possible to support our national economy. All of our products, including the gift box itself and the packaging inside, are sourced from British companies, with the majority of products being grown or manufactured in the U.K. For certain products, such as coffee beans which are not grown in Britain, the product will be imported. However, we will ensure that we always use British suppliers for these products and prioritise those which further adapt, design or process the items, such as coffee blending, in the U.K. Furthermore, all the gift boxes are hand assembled and packed in Britain.

The Environment and Our World

Global warming and climate change is an important worldwide concern and we believe that everyone should contribute to reducing damage to the environment. Coast and Cider favours environmentally friendly products, maximising our use of eco-friendly, low carbon and recycled products and processes. Plus, we believe that in everything we do, something should be given back to our society and our world. We prioritise British companies who give back to society and the environment.

Clever Simplicity

We do not think gift shopping should be stressful, taxing or draining. Showing just how much a special someone means to you should be rewarding, effortless and uplifting. Here at Coast and Cider, we do just that. With our easy to follow website and purchase options, our clear and no-nonsense products and our personal customer service we provide customers with clever simplicity.